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Each day, thousands of people with hearing loss are empowered by Signia’s hearing aids all around the world. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life are overcoming challenges, defying limitations, and sharing their talents with the world.

A Police Officer. A Radio Talk Show Host. A YouTuber. A Former Miss USA. What do they have in common?

They live with hearing loss, but they’re not defined by it. And with the help of Signia’s leading-edge technology, they’re empowered to achieve their full potential.

Meet a few of Signia’s Everyday Heroes.

Mat Hench, Age 24

Physical Therapy Assistant, YouTuber

Mat Hench is physical therapy assistant from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He’s also an amateur filmmaker and a popular YouTuber. His channel, mathench, features humor and observations about life as a millennial. Mat recently became engaged to his fiancée, Emily. He has had hearing loss since childhood.

Mat wears: Styletto Connect

Mat’s Hearing Story: “Throughout my childhood, I suffered from chronic ear infections. Because of these infections, I needed to have pressure tubes inserted seven times, which left a lot of scarring. A few years ago, my Ear Nose and Throat specialist suggested a hearing aid but that was not a message I was ready to hear at that point. I was afraid of how I might be perceived. Over the years, I developed a lot of coping mechanisms to deal with, or try to hide, my hearing loss. My only regret is not getting a hearing device sooner.”

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Shawnae Jebbia, Age 47

Former Miss USA, Low-Profit Charity Executive and Ambassador

An entertainer and former beauty queen, Shawnae Jebbia won the Miss USA title in 1998. Later that year, she competed in the Miss Universe 1998 pageant, advancing to the final 5. After experiencing hearing loss caused by Ménière’s disease, Shawnae moved out of the entertainment industry and began a career as a medical aesthetician. Shawnae is an ambassador for Some 1 Like You, a low-profit foundation dedicated to connecting people with rare health conditions privately, to offer each other support.

Shawnae wears: CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx

Shawnae’s Hearing Story: “At the end of my reign as Miss USA, I began to notice things weren’t right with my hearing. For the first couple of months I wrote it off as the result of having been sick with a cold, combined with an intense travel and appearance schedule. But as time went on, I kept noticing that, in a lot of situations, I’d have to ask people to repeat themselves and that I’d keep inching closer to whomever I was speaking with in an effort to hear them. After my reign was over, I went to an otolaryngologist (ENT) and that’s when I was diagnosed. Regular check-ups are incredibly important to your hearing health, as well as your overall health.”

Mark Alyn, Age 67

Producer, Radio Personality, Master Storyteller

An award-winning radio host and producer, Thousand Oaks, California resident Mark Alyn is the host of Late Night Health, a radio program designed to empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their own health. During his 20+ career, Mark has been a television host, reporter and producer who has interviewed thousands of people on a wide variety of topics, including high-tech, careers, politics, travel and food.

Mark wears: Pure Charge&Go Nx

Mark’s A-ha Moment: “About five years ago, my family decided to stage an intervention. I was always playing the TV too loud. I kept getting these postcards for free hearing tests. My family said, ‘you have to do this.’ Hearing loss makes you insular like you’re on an island and that’s what I was becoming – more and more isolated.”

Darren Carroll, Age 42

Police Officer, Volunteer Firefighter

With a seven-year career as a police officer and over 20-years of service as a volunteer firefighter, Darren Carroll has devoted his professional life to public service. He’s also a busy dad that lives in North Brunswick, NJ, with his wife and three children. Although his hearing has worsened over the past few years, his hearing issues can be traced back to early childhood.

Darren Wears: Styletto Connect

Darren’s Hearing Story: “As a child, I suffered from a double ear infection that went undiagnosed for some time. While some hearing loss was always there, it became progressively worse over the past five years, especially hearing soft sounds and high pitches. When I started using the Styletto Connect, my hearing drastically improved. It assists while I’m on patrol, answering fire calls and especially at home in conversing with my three young children. When I go out to dinner, I can hear the conversations at other tables in the surrounding areas. My hearing is now on the same level as my colleagues, if not better.”

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