“Talking is easier because I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really listening to others and always reading lips until I got hearing aids. I was like, “Whooooaahh! These make it soooo much easier!!”

– Lana Stengert

“Lana’s life has changed dramatically since getting hearing aids. I never realized how much hearing aids could help! She wasn’t an introverted, shy, and quiet child — she just couldn’t hear well. We now know Lana’s “bad mood” was just her hearing loss. And fortunately, her twin brother Leo no longer has to scream at her just to get her attention. It made me crazy, but maybe he already knew Lana couldn’t hear well long before I did.”

– Riina Stengert (Lana’s Mother)

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“Typically, I have always believed healthcare products are a minimum of five years behind consumer-based products. Recently I have been using the Signia Nx 13 with OVP (Own Voice Processing) hearing aids and they have changed my thinking on this. After 3 months of using them, I think they may be five years ahead of any consumer hearing technology available on the market today.”

– Yuri Teshler, Reviewer, Moor Insights & Strategy

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“Much of what I believe about the art of getting older can be summarized in my relationship with my Signia CROS hearing aids. They are a perfect metaphor for what it means to age gracefully.

– Bill Apablasa

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“Last time I heard like today, I was in my 20s. I’m 65 now. This is much more than a big deal.” Robert said. “Pretty magical… pretty magical.” -Robert Seidler

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"Once fitted with the CROS system, Danyell was delighted when her husband whispered in her right ear and she could hear his voice clearly for the first time from that side. “I noticed before I had the hearing aid, it felt like a shadow on my right side, but not tonight. It was like a whole new world opened up on the right side.” - Danyell Schendel

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"When Harvey first heard through his new hearing aids, he could hardly believe the difference. His wife agreed, as he could hear her clearly even when facing away. As Harvey told his wife, “This is the best gift I’ve received since I married you.” - Harvey Patterson

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“Music is my life, so hearing is critical for me. My Signia Pure® hearing aids make the details stand out. Now, instead of straining to hear, I can focus on the music.” - Steven Rosenhaus

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“I could not be happier since I got the pair. They perform beyond all of my expectations.” - Dave Morter

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“I am very pleased with my new Signia hearing aids. They help make my life safer, and more fulfilled.” - Captain Rick Carrion

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“I could hear conversations relatively well, but wearing the Signia Pure Primax 5’s in a fairly large meeting was a huge wake-up call to how mediocre my hearing really was.” - Joe Frazier, Blogger, Joe's Geekfest

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“This is the first time I’ve worn hearing aids, and I can’t believe I went without them for all of these years.” - Connie Barajas

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“I could understand many of the words people were singing on the radio. I was better able to identify sounds I heard. It was a special delight to find that the piano was in key again.” - Ruth Ann Griffith

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“Thank you for creating the world’s best hearing aid. I have the Nx version that is newly out. I now cry at the things I can hear!”

- Marie Scott, Nx hearing aid wearer, via Facebook

“Yeah, there is! I sound more bass-y — more like I think I should sound. In fact, it’s kinda cooI — think I like it! Plus I’m an iPhone® user so I love that it connects.”

- Milt Dereyna, Signia Nx wearer, via Palmetto Hearing, LLC

“I have Signia hearing aids and I am happy with mine.”

- Madeline Clenney, via Facebook

“I experienced these aids firsthand and they are so totally awesome. Music never sounded better!”

- Audiology and Speech Solutions, P.C., via Facebook

“Your hearing aids are the best! On my 6th pair, not because they died lol, because you are always updating them. Loving the outdoors without the awful wind noise. Promoting them to everyone who is hearing impaired.”

- Margo Shoberg Petersen, via Facebook

“Adventures in Primax: Salt Grass Steakhouse. My wife was feeling sorry for me last night and treated me to a Steak Dinner at the new Salt Grass Steakhouse. This was formerly Landry’s. I had my Signia Primax 7’s on. I didn’t feel the need to make any adjustments. It was very comfortable until they filled up the area behind me with a party group. With my smart phone, I selected the Speech Focus program and reduced the noise over there noticeably. The benefit of Primax is that they act like directional hearing aids steered to whatever direction the dominant speaker is. Automatically. If you are a working professional and or dine and entertain often, you will hear a difference immediately. I had a T-Bone and my wife had the small Filet topped with Crab.”

- All Florida Hearing Aid Centers, via Facebook

“I’m a violist with a string ensemble. My audiologist gave me a specific program so I hear a broader range of sounds when playing or listening to music. It’s made an amazing difference in my ability to hear the other musicians and remain on key. I can hear those subtle note differences now.”

- Melinda Watterson Evaul, via Facebook

“These are similar to the ones I got from VA. For the first time in 20+ years, I have finally got a pair of hearing aids that work to restore what hearing I had lost. For 20+ years I had been using other brands and styles of designs from the other manufacturers. Not saying they didn’t work, they just didn’t restore what I had felt I was missing. A good friend recommended that I try them as his local VA Audiology clinic had used them and he was completely satisfied. When it was time to replace the old brand I had, I asked the audiologist about the Signia brand and she ordered them. From the first moment I heard through them I was in love. It’s amazing how much your everyday basic sounds are transformed into something of beautiful noises. In my opinion these units are well worth giving a try.”

- David Phillips, via Facebook

“So I had a little upgrade with my hearing aids after 3 years. I’m so freaking happy that I’m able to hear again.”

@RyanSmith2016, via Twitter

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