“Talking is easier because I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really listening to others and always reading lips until I got hearing aids. I was like, “Whooooaahh! These make it soooo much easier!!”

– Lana Stengert

“Lana’s life has changed dramatically since getting hearing aids. I never realized how much hearing aids could help! She wasn’t an introverted, shy, and quiet child — she just couldn’t hear well. We now know Lana’s “bad mood” was just her hearing loss. And fortunately, her twin brother Leo no longer has to scream at her just to get her attention. It made me crazy, but maybe he already knew Lana couldn’t hear well long before I did.”

– Riina Stengert (Lana’s Mother)

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“Typically, I have always believed healthcare products are a minimum of five years behind consumer-based products. Recently I have been using the Signia Nx 13 with OVP (Own Voice Processing) hearing aids and they have changed my thinking on this. After 3 months of using them, I think they may be five years ahead of any consumer hearing technology available on the market today.”

– Yuri Teshler, Reviewer, Moor Insights & Strategy

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“Much of what I believe about the art of getting older can be summarized in my relationship with my Signia CROS hearing aids. They are a perfect metaphor for what it means to age gracefully.

– Bill Apablasa

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At 24, Mat Hench hasn’t let hearing loss stop him from becoming a successful physical therapy assistant and filmmaker. When I first saw Styletto Connect, I thought, “Yeah, these things are sweet!”

Find out why Styletto Connect is his choice of hearing aids!

Devoted family man Harvey Patterson’s lifetime exposure to loud sounds due to heavy machinery at work took a big toll on his hearing. When hearing loss caused him to misunderstand his grandson and miss an important cross country meet, he knew it was time to act and get his first pair of hearing aids. See him experience the joy of fully hearing again.

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Aspiring actress Danyell Schendel lost all hearing in one ear due to childhood meningitis, but never got hearing aids. She kept her hearing loss a secret from all but her closest friends, but this secret became more challenging to keep. Watch her hear in both ears for the first time.

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Avid bicyclist Robert Seidler found cycling created a special environment where he could discuss important issues with clients, friends and family. When he suffered from hearing loss due to rupturing his eardrum during filming, this environment became silent and he needed to find a way back to the world of hearing. See him experience hearing aids for the first time.

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“Music is my life, so hearing is critical for me. My Signia Pure® hearing aids make the details stand out. Now, instead of straining to hear, I can focus on the music.” – Steven Rosenhaus

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“I could not be happier since I got the pair. They perform beyond all of my expectations.” – Dave Morter

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“I am very pleased with my new Signia hearing aids. They help make my life safer, and more fulfilled.” – Captain Rick Carrion

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“I could hear conversations relatively well, but wearing the Signia Pure Primax 5’s in a fairly large meeting was a huge wake-up call to how mediocre my hearing really was.” – Joe Frazier, Blogger, Joe’s Geekfest

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“This is the first time I’ve worn hearing aids, and I can’t believe I went without them for all of these years.” – Connie Barajas

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“I could understand many of the words people were singing on the radio. I was better able to identify sounds I heard. It was a special delight to find that the piano was in key again.” – Ruth Ann Griffith

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