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Sound - What does it mean to you?

Signia presents to you our new video centered around "enjoy hearing every single precious moment".

Join our Hearing Awareness Week in Singapore!

550 million people suffer from hearing loss. Act now. Test your hearing for free.

Hearing loss is becoming a common issue in Singapore’s population, affecting both children and adults. As one of the prevalent major disabilities, hearing loss can have a large impact on society and is therefore an important public health concern. If left untreated, a decrease in hearing sensitivity can lead to diminished cognitive function, poorer mental health, and social withdrawal.

To raise awareness and educate the public on ear health, Signia will be running a free 3-day public event to raise public awareness about hearing loss through hearing health talks by industry professionals, educational booths, and a FREE hearing test! Join us at this event and find out more about protecting your hearing health!

25th – 27th October, 12PM – 7PM.

Gateway Theatre (Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore).

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Hearing Matters.

Good hearing is so important in our everyday lives, yet most people with normal hearing don’t even think twice about what it means to be able to hear well.

Chatting with friends, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying music or hearing warning signals – they take it all for granted. Hearing loss generally develops slowly over many years; the effects become apparent only gradually. This makes it difficult for those affected to recognize that they are actually suffering from a hearing impairment.

The best way to tackle any health issue is to learn more about it. The more informed you are the better equipped you’ll be to make decisions about pursuing next steps. We encourage you to explore the Hearing Loss section to gain insight into why hearing loss shouldn’t be ignored and how it can affect every aspect of your life.

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The Signia Hearing Test App.

Helps you determine whether you have a hearing impairment.

The Hearing Test was created by our audiology experts to help you determine whether you have hearing impairment. This application has been scientifically developed and carefully tested to ensure the most precise results possible. In addition, the test is completely independent of language, so you can use it reliably no matter what language you’re most comfortable with.

The Hearing Test examines how well you can detect words in background noise. This is based on the knowledge that individuals with hearing loss have greater difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, such as restaurants or subway stations.

Test your hearing today!

Act now! Test your hearing for free.

Only a professional hearing test can access your hearing correctly.

Are you uncertain whether you have a hearing impairment? Do you want to have your hearing tested by a professional, just to make sure? If you have answered “yes” to either of these questions, you should contact a Hearing Care Professional or ENT doctor.

Most of our Signia approved partners provide a free hearing consultation for you if you think you have a hearing impairment. Use our Store Locator below to find out the nearest Hearing Care Professional near you!

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