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For people who can only hear on one side, listening can be extremely strenuous in many daily situations. Understanding speech is particularly difficult in noisy surroundings and can be very exhausting. Signia CROS or BiCROS hearing aids now offer an innovative solution for people with an hearing loss in one ear. Wireless technology helps them hear and understand every word again. In addition, it significantly reduces their listening effort.

People with a unilateral un-aidable hearing loss are particularly challenged. Whether on the street, in the office, or talking with friends, sounds and voices are indistinct or not heard at all when they come from the “wrong” side. Constantly moving your head to try to hear better is strenuous and also not always an option, for example when driving. Above all, the ability to understand speech is severely limited. The Signia CROS devices wirelessly transmit the signals from the ear with hearing loss to the other ear can help.

Hearing sounds from both sides

With the new Signia CROS or BiCROS solutions, people with un-aidable hearing loss in one ear can hear every word, even when the person speaking is standing on the “wrong side”. The new solutions offer even more benefits to people with unilaterally un-aidable hearing loss. They are light and discreet, and operate with high energy efficiency.


The Signia CROS transmitter on the unaidable ear picks up the sound and wirelessly transmits the processed signals to a Signia hearing aid on the other ear to be heard. If this other ear can hear normally, this is referred to as a CROS solution.

If the patient is affected by unaidable hearing on one side, and impaired hearing on the other, the Signia CROS transmitter is worn on the unaidable side and is able to wirelessly transmit any sound picked up to the hearing aid worn on the impaired side. The hearing aid upon receiving the signal mixes it with its own input and amplifies the mixed signal. This solution is called BiCROS.

CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx

Convenient rechargeability, a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming for CROS wearers.

No matter how much activity you like to pack into your day, Signia’s longer-lasting CROS Pure Charge&Go keeps going with you. True to its name, CROS Pure Charge&Go can be fully charged while you sleep so that it’s always ready to go when you are.

Hidden behind your ear, CROS Pure Chare&Go is a real high-tech marvel: it offers the most natural hearing experience and clear sound in every situation.* Plus full Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy playing phone calls, TV sound, music and more straight into your ears.

The devices start charging automatically when you place them in the charger and turn on automatically when you take them out. Simply Charge&Go!

* Please note: Features may vary depending on the configuration of the individual device. Your hearing care professional will be happy to assist you.


CROS Pure 312 Nx

A natural hearing experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.

Signia’s elegant new CROS Pure 312 is the ideal solution for hearing aid wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear. It provides the highest sound quality and top Bluetooth connectivity in a small, discreet design. It also delivers the most natural sounding own voice in the case of aidable hearing loss in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other ear.

Understanding what people are saying in noisy situations such as family gatherings and conferences is a breeze thanks to CROS Pure 312’s sophisticated sound detection and processing.

Even with its discreet size, CROS Pure 312 is the first CROS accessory that supports direct streaming of music and phone calls to your hearing aid without the need for an intermediary device. It is also fully compatible with Signia’s myControl App for convenient remote control and more.


CROS Silk Nx

The most discreet natural hearing experience for people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear.

Experience the world’s most discreet ready-to-wear hearing solution for people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear. The new CROS Silk receives sound on that side and transmits it to a hearing aid on the other side.

You enjoy a natural hearing experience thanks to CROS Silk’s incredibly small design and exceptional sound quality – even when listening to music with over-ear headphones.

Thanks to its innovative, soft silicone Click Sleeves, CROS Silk hides inside your ear with maximum comfort so you can start your natural hearing experience straight away.

And with Signia’s useful touchControl App, you can discreetly adjust volume and the balance between the sound from your left and right with just a few taps on your smartphone.


CROS Nx products at a glance


CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx FAQs

CROS Pure 312 Nx FAQs


*OVP (Own Voice Processing) is available for Bi-Cros fittings only.

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