Signia's new Styletto Connect contains graceful lines, a refined fit and top-quality materials. They enhance the high-tech hearing aids.


Why Design Makes Styletto Connect a Unique Hearing Aid

The new Styletto Connect from Signia is more than just a hearing aid. Its graceful lines, refined fit and top-quality materials mark a quantum leap in high-tech hearing aid design.

Personal style is a big factor when we choose our accessories. We dress and accessorize according to our personal preferences. We also expect some medical products, such as a pair of glasses, to be in line with our style preferences. So why should choosing a hearing aid be any different?

Our new Styletto Connect rechargeable hearing aids make it no longer possible to label hearing aids as substance without style. In fact, as the world’s first to combine premium hearing technology with the most stylish design and Bluetooth technology, it’s more than just a hearing aid. Styletto Connect is hearwear made for discerning individuals who know what they want and aren’t afraid to show it.

Step out in style

The graceful lines, refined fit and top-quality materials of Styletto Connect mean you feel the difference as soon as you wear it. You can express your individual style by choosing one of three elegant color combinations: Black and Silver, Cosmic Blue and Rose Gold, or Snow White and Rose Gold. Its slim-line design is built around a new pin-shaped lithium-ion battery that is unlike the conventional coin-shaped batteries that used to determine a hearing aid’s shape. As such, it is not instantly recognizable as a hearing aid, appearing more like a cool piece of wearable tech. Fully charged, the battery life will hold for a full day.

Hearwear: Function made fashionable

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their appearance, and Styletto Connect makes this a reality if you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. These devices are the definition of hearwear: stylish accessories that offer fashion and functionality in the same breath. Similarly to stylishly designed glasses, Styletto Connect appeals to the modern wearer, offering a fresh new experience.

Check out some of Styletto Connect’s technical features:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth to play phone calls, music, TV sound and more straight into your ears.
  • Rechargeability: Charging-on-the-go coupled with an ultra-slim portable charging case that gives you four days* of use free from plugs or cables for completely convenient handling on the move.
  • Audiology: Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural-sounding own voice, together with clear speech comprehension even in noisy situations like dinner parties or conferences.
  • Tinnitus help: It even has built-in treatments for tinnitus.

To try out Styletto Connect for yourself, find your nearest hearing care professional with our handy store locator.

If you think that you might have hearing loss, our online hearing test can give you a first indication whether to visit a hearing care professional for advice and support.

* Based on 16 hours wearing time per day.

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