Read how Styletto Connect helped model and life coach Elizabeth Monte overcome the stigma often associated with hearing aids.


Model & life coach Elizabeth Monte: “Finally a hearing aid that goes great with high heels & salsa dancing!”

Model and life coach Elizabeth Monte lost part of her hearing when she was a child. Read how she overcame the stigma often related to hearing aids thanks to Styletto Connect.

Model Elizabeth is a busy lady. When she’s not on set in front of the camera, she works as a life coach, helping other people lead richer, more fulfilling lives. As she puts it: “I’m a creative at heart and have been in the entertainment industry for 10 years now. While artists paint on canvas and writers put pen to paper — my medium of expression is modeling and acting.” Weekends, you’ll find her salsa dancing and at the coolest jazz clubs in town. Which was almost impossible, since she lost part of her hearing after multiple painful ear infections as a little girl: “Little known fact, I’ve had small hearing issues since I was a kid, anyone who’s watched a movie at home or tried to whisper sweet nothings to me knows. At some point I get embarrassed saying ‘What?’ in conversations and so I just smile and nod,” Elizabeth tells us about her hearing loss journey.

Then Elizabeth discovered the new Styletto Connect and exclaims: “Finally a hearing aid that goes great with high heels & salsa dancing!” Styletto Connect now enables Elizabeth to understand every single word in conversations. And its incredible performance, most natural hearing experience and clear speech comprehension, even in noisy situations like a fashion show or dance class, make it perfect for her active lifestyle.

What’s more, it not only appeals with its sleek, distinctive design looking like a cool piece of wearable tech, it also offers Bluetooth so Elizabeth can stream her phone calls, music, or her favorite TV shows straight into her Styletto Connect. And the elegant pocket-sized charging case gives her up to four days’ use of these incredible rechargeable hearing aids without having to go near a plug or cable.

She adds, “Thanks Signia for choosing me and allowing me to remember there’s a benefit in being unique. Shout out to all those who feel different but know, we’re all equally amazing. You are the examples of how to love and accept yourself that the world needs!”. We totally agree!

Discover more about our unique Styletto Connect hearing aids here on our website!

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