Signia's Styletto Connect is not only sleeker, it's more ideal for active lifestyles. It’s rechargeable while traveling and equipped with Bluetooth.


Enjoy Rechargeability & Bluetooth with Styletto Connect

The new Styletto Connect from Signia not only look far sleeker than other hearing aids. They are the ideal HEARWEAR™ for active lifestyles – rechargeable while traveling and equipped with Bluetooth to stream phone calls, music, TV sound and more.

Rechargeability is part of our modern lives – from the smartphones with which we keep in touch with our friends to our electric toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners. So why should it be any different with the most helpful electronic devices for people with hearing loss: our hearing aids?

Charging-on-the-go for complete flexibility

The cool new Styletto Connect hearing aids from Signia combine the most stylish slim-line design with technology that supports your active lifestyle. Not only does an overnight charge give you the power to hear well throughout the day. They also come with a pocket-sized charging case that gives you a total of four days* without having to go anywhere near a wall socket or cable for complete wireless independence.This charging-on-the-go makes Styletto Connect your reliable companions on the road, whether you’re taking a long weekend break or on an important business trip. Three times smaller and half the weight of comparable chargers, this sleek charging case is the only one you can fit in your pocket to take with you anywhere.

Wherever you’re going, your Styletto Connect hearing aids go with you. If you’re powering up for your day with a morning run, you can stream your favorite music playlist directly from your phone into your ears thanks to Styletto Connect’s reliable Bluetooth technology. In fact, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside your Styletto Connect hearing aids is better suited than any other rechargeable solution for reliable streaming via Bluetooth so you can enjoy uninterrupted music, phone calls, and more. With Stylettto Connect, you can always be reached by phone and can stay in touch with all the people that matter to you – whether you’re making an appointment with a colleague or simply chatting with friends.

Top Bluetooth connectivity for staying in touch with ease

You can also turn your Styletto Connect into a wireless headset for hands-free phone calls with the clever little StreamLine Mic accessory. And with the small StreamLine TV box connected to your television, you can enjoy Dolby Digital sound streamed from your TV straight into your ears for maximum enjoyment of your favorite programs and movies. Styletto Connect hearing aids double up as high-tech earbuds for your hearing pleasure.

As day turns to night, you can continue to rely on your Styletto Connect. Even if you find your hearing aids running low on power late in the evening after more than five hours of streaming during the day, a quick 30-minute charge gives you an additional five hours of use. So you can party through the night and still hear everything.

Experience the most natural hearing

Based on the latest Signia technology, Styletto Connect lets you enjoy a true-to-life hearing experience in all situations. You enjoy clear speech comprehension in noisy environments like a street café or a dinner party. And Own Voice Processing (OVP) provides you with a natural-sounding own voice because it’s just as important to hear your own voice as it should sound in conversation with friends and colleagues. So whether it’s an intimate chat or a discussion with a group of friends, you hear every voice with true fidelity in outstanding sound quality, including your own voice.

Full control in your hands

The top Bluetooth technology inside Styletto Connect also offers you the most convenient and discreet remote control via Signia’s myControl App. Available for iOS and Android, the myControl App enables you to adjust settings with a tap of your smartphone. It provides a useful range of automatic presets that you can select for specific surroundings, such as a café, cinema, or for conversation. And it displays your own voice activity and noise exposure as indicators of hearing health. The latest version of the myControl App is available now from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The new Styletto Connect from Signia not only look far sleeker than other hearing aids. They are the ideal hearwear for active lifestyles – rechargeable while traveling and equipped with Bluetooth for direct streaming of phone calls, music, TV sound, plus easy remote control. You can use our online store locator to find your nearest hearing care professional and experience our revolutionary Styletto Connect hearwear for yourself.

* Based on 16 hours wearing time per day.

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