Happy National Day, Singapore!

Since 1965, Singapore commemorates the day of Singapore independence from Malaysia on August 9th. Singapore declared independence from Britain in August 1963, and joined the Federation of Malaysia in September 1963 after the 1962 Merger Referendum of Singapore. Singapore left the federation two years later and gained its own sovereignty on 9 August 1965 when Yusof bin Ishak was sworn in as the first President of Singapore.

Remembering its colorful rise to independence

The Singapore story is well known—how it achieved independence in 1965 amid severe doubt it could survive at all with its tiny size and severe lack of natural resources. Yet the island succeeded against the odds, deftly navigating its way through stormy waters of domestic turmoil, regional strife and international politics.

Every year, Singapore celebrates its day of independence with the key highlight being the National Day Parade, featuring performances from military and school bands, multicultural song-and-dance performances, and displays by the Singapore Armed forces, which include free fall parachute displays, tower repelling, vehicle shows, a presidential gun salute and a national flag fly-by.

This year, the theme “We Are Singapore“, celebrates the people, the nation and the home of the many races in this little country. “We Are Singapore” defines the Singapore Spirit, invoking the strength and resilience which built Singapore and empowers Singaporeans to overcome future challenges and adversities together.

Sivantos – A new company

Like the Singapore Spirit, Sivantos also has a similar story. As a leading manufacturer of hearing aids whose roots go back 140 years, we were a Siemens Business Unit up until January 2015. Then we became an independent company.

Just like Singapore, we started our transformation journey, reinventing our company from ground-up. Over the past two years, our business and platforms have become more flexible, our products and services get better, and our geographical footprint expands — our products are available in more than 120 countries.

We have gone from strength to strength, and achieved many world’s first in our services and product offerings in the past years. Building on Siemens’ heritage, Sivantos’ most recent accomplishments include Signia Nx™, a game changing hearing aid platform. Sivantos is also a pioneer in digitalization and remote hearing care with its TeleCare solution allowing audiologists to adjust hearing aids remotely in real time.

We continuously strive to reshape the industry in terms of innovation—products, services, and channels alike. The goal? To provide the best hearing aids and be the best partner for our customers.


Image Credit: Masonry Studios

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