Celebrating Fathers. 為爸爸加油!

Officially, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and it celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. However, did you know that this wasn’t always the case in some parts of Asia?

Officially, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and it celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. However, did you know that this wasn’t always the case in some parts of Asia? During the WWII years, Father’s Day was celebrated on August 8th in Mainland China. The Republic of China government chose that date because in the Chinese language, the date August 8th can be written as 08/08 (Read as 八八, bā bā). This sounds similar to the colloquial word for father (爸爸, bàba). While this tradition has dropped off in the Mainland, it continues in Taiwan today.

The celebration stems from Confucian-rooted social structures where males were considered the head of the house and had the responsibility to carry the family. Although this is an unofficial holiday in Taiwan, with strong emphasis on family values in Asia, it is common see entire families or multiple generations coming together to celebrate this day!

一般來說,父親節被訂於六月的第三個星期天,慶祝爸爸這個角色、爸爸的付出和爸爸們為社會帶來的影響。不過,您知道在亞洲某些地方父親節是不太一樣的嗎? 第二次世界大戰時,父親節在中國大陸被定於八月八日。中華民國政府因八月八日可寫做八八 (讀音為bā bā) 而選擇沿用此日期。這個讀音(bā bā)與爸爸的讀音相同。縱使在中國大陸已經沒有過父親節的傳統,台灣時至今日仍保有這個過節的習慣。


Greying hair, and a gentle smile. 灰白的頭髮和溫和的笑容.

That is the image that many of us mentally get when we talk about fathers. The time we do get to spend with our fathers and grandfathers is precious and special to us in different ways. However, as we grow older, we must also remember that he is aging as well! As we age, the chance that we need support for some degree of hearing loss gets greater. Dads are not always known for coming forward and sharing their needs. It might be helpful to look out for such signs!

If your father has untreated hearing loss, he may not talk or socialize as much as he did before. Symptoms of hearing loss also include frequently asking others to repeat themselves, speaking more slowly, or raising your voice; turning up the sound of the radio or television when others aren’t having difficulty hearing; and being exhausted after social gatherings due to the strain of trying to keep up with conversations.



Spend better quality time together. 一同度過更好的時光.

Your father might be missing out on fully enjoying family gatherings and suffering from a decreased quality of life. Did you know that people are much more likely to take a hearing test if they know that their hearing loss is affecting others? Hearing tests can be conducted by a trained hearing care professional in a variety of settings, including hospitals, ENT doctor’s offices, and private practices. Your father can also try our quick and easy online hearing test as a first indication whether his ears are working normally.

Or if your father is already wearing hearing aids, perhaps it’s time to schedule a check-up for him? We recommend that you get your hearing tested at least once a year to ensure that there has not been any major deterioration to your hearing loss, as well as to make any adjustment you might need if you already are wearing hearing aids! Additionally, did you know that hearing aids have evolved dramatically in recent years with advances such as Bluetooth connections to phones, TVs and music players, advanced tinnitus therapies and clearer sound in all acoustic environments? Perhaps it is time for an upgrade!

From teaching you to ride a bike to offering useful financial advice and support, chances are our fathers shaped who we are today in many important ways. This Father’s Day might be the ideal time to give your dad a special gift that enhances your moments together and increases his enjoyment of life.

您的爸爸可能會因為沒辦法盡興享受家庭聚會而覺得生活品質下降。您知道人們若知道自己的聽力問題會影響到他人,他們會更願意接受聽力測試嗎? 在醫院、耳鼻喉科、私人診所等地均可尋求聽力照護專家進行測試。您的爸爸也可以在我們的網站上進行簡單快速的線上聽覺測試,做為聽覺是否正常運作的初步參考。

如果您的爸爸已經配戴助聽器的話,也許可以再安排一次聽力測試追蹤目前聽力的狀況。我們建議每年至少需進行一次聽力測試,確認聽力是否有持續惡化的問題,或是協助已經配戴助聽器者進行後續的調整。另外,您知道助聽器的科技在近幾年已經大幅進步了嗎? 像是藍芽連接手機、電視或音樂播放器、耳鳴舒緩功能,以及在不同聲學環境下更清晰的音質…等。也許現在該是將助聽器升級的時候了!




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